The Flashcards Early Intervention Program

The Flashcards autism early intervention program was designed as an early intervention resource for children with Autism, however its reach has extended beyond helping children with Autism to helping children also with Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, ADHD, Hearing Impairment and children that have a learning and/or communication delay.

So what is The Flashcards?

The key to Autism therapies is “evidence based”.

The flashcards autism early intervention is a physical, invaluable resource that is easily purchased online or through the NDIS and delivered to your door.

Within the Flashcards you will find easy to follow, evidence based school-readiness programs.  Included are programs for speech, reading and fine motor and can be used for both Verbal and Non-Verbal Children for bridging both language and learning gaps and delays.

The Flashcard Kit contains 727 high quality flashcards, professionally coated not laminated with all photographic images placed on non-distracting backgrounds.  Find out more about visual learning.

Programs included are teaching and identifying:

  • Animals and Animal Sounds
  • Items in the Kitchen
  • Items in the Bathroom
  • Household items and Furniture
  • Toys
  • Outside Items
  • Different Transport options
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Vegetables and Fruit
  • School and Pre-school Items
  • Colours
  • Identical and Non-Identical Matching
  • Numbers and Letters
  • Shapes
  • Plurals
  • Associations
  • Features
  • Actions
  • Opposites
  • Gender
  • Body Parts
  • Articulation and Pronunciation
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Sight Reading Program
  • Identifying Categories

The flashcards is the most affordable and comprehensive flashcard system in Australia and will also compliment any ABA program.

How do I know my child has Autism?

What is Autism and how is Autism Diagnosed?


How do I know my child has Autism?

Early Intervention and Autism Treatment


How do I know my child has Autism?

Visual Learning


How do I know my child has Autism?

Autism Early Intervention Program


How The Flashcards Have Helped

Video Product Review

“I have never seen a product as comprehensive and well-presented as the flashcards…”

teaching an autistic child, flashcards for autistic child

Parent Testimonial

”Through The Flashcards Early Intervention program my son who was non-verbal and had a global developmental delay is now verbal and has age appropriate academic skills“

Parent Video Testimonial

”The thoughts and details put into these flashcards is just remarkable.It is easy to use and I was able to find out where my son was academically”

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