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The Flashcards Early Intervention Program is being delivered
Australia-wide and is based on evidence and research.

Welcome to The Flashcards Early Intervention Program

The Flashcards Early Intervention Program is being delivered Australia-wide and is based on evidence and research.

The Flashcards is one product delivered to your door that includes programs for speech, fine motor and school readiness with over 700 supporting visuals to teach both verbal and non-verbal children.

The Flashcards is a registered NDIS provider, delivering Australia Wide, order directly at our online shop.

NDIS Provider

The Flashcards is an early intervention program designed for children with Autism, however the programs reach has extended beyond helping children with Autism to helping children also with a communication and/or developmental delay.

The Flashcards under the NDIS is currently being used as an Early Intervention resource for children with Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, ADHD, Hearing Impairment, Speech and Learning difficulties and delays.

The Flashcards early intervention programs complete with over 700 visuals are designed for infants and toddlers with communication and developmental delays to learn many key skills.


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Autism Information

What is Autism? How is Autism Diagnosed?  Common Autism Myths and misconceptions. NDIS

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Early Intervention and Developmental Delays

The term “developmental delay” is an important one in early intervention. Broadly speaking, it means that a child is delayed in some area of development.  There are five areas in which development may be affected  

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Speech Delays and Articulation

Speech therapy can help children who have trouble communicating by allowing them to practise their speech with exercises, or teaching them an alternative method of communication such as visuals.

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Visual Learning

Visual learning through The Flashcards Early Intervention program gives a clear and simple presentation of information.  The programs helps organise and group the information which then helps a child to see and learn about the big picture and the details.

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ABA, Applied Behaviour Analysis

The most effective teaching methods for children with Autism are derived from the science of ABA. ABA methods are supported by research and included in the best practices, national standards for Autism Early Intervention.

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Autism Resources

Find out more about what is included in The Flashcards.

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