People with autism in Australia are now 31% of NDIS participants, being the majority.
Being an Australian-wide registered NDIS Provider, The Flashcards has put together some information about the NDIS and frequently asked questions.

What is the NDIS?

NDIS, National Disability Insurance Scheme aim’s is to provide reasonable and necessary support to Australians who have a permanent disability, their families and carers, to enjoy an ordinary life.

The great news about the NDIS is an individualised and life-long approach for people to receive disability support.  The scheme is being progressively rolled out across Australia under the management of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

The rollout is due to be completed by 2020.

Why was the NDIS introduced?

Before the NDIS was introduced, it was widely recognised that disability support in Australia needed to change. An enquiry found that the support available for people with a disability varied according to a whole range of factors – and not everyone was getting a fair go.

The Federal Government agreed that people with a disability deserved a fairer system, and more control over the services they receive. So in July 2013, fully supported and celebrated by The Flashcards, Autism Early Intervention, the NDIS was introduced.

How do I know if my child is eligible for the NDIS?

If you are unsure about your child’s eligibility the NDIS has supplied a checklist

Who is purchasing The Flashcards under the NDIS?

Delivering Australia Wide, The Flashcards, originally designed for children with Autism is a versatile, valuable resource for all intervention where a child has a learning and/or communication delay.

The school readiness programs included are easy to follow. and being used as in homes and childcare settings with children that are diagnosed with

Childcare settings and schools also purchase The Flashcards to adapt their educational program to the needs of children with Autism or a disability.

The Flashcards comes with over 700 visuals to compliment the programs. The Flashcards pictures are designed for children with Autism and are clear photographic images so they can draw the child’s attention and hold it for some time. Visual learning aids are universal and can enhance the understanding for children, becoming an invaluable resource.

The Flashcards help in the early intervention of

  • Joint Attention
  • Developmental Delays
  • Speech Delays and Articulation
  • Academic and School Readiness
  • Fine Motor

All programs are evidence based, ABA Programs.
Find out more about ABA, Applied Behaviour Analysis.

How do I purchase The Flashcards under the NDIS?

Simply supply us with the participant number and name below. You can contact us directly with this information.

For a service agreement please fill out the following:

    Are you a service provider that needs a quote for a participant?

    For a quote please fill out the following:

      What do I do if the NDIS has not come to my area?

      If the NDIS has not reached your area yet you will continue to receive supports from the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments until the NDIS is rolled out in their area, which are below.

      Better Start for Children with Disability (Better Start) – Website

      Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) Call the HCWA Early Intervention Helpdesk on 1800 778 581, or email

      Under these programmes, children under the age of six with an eligible diagnosis can access early intervention funding of up to $12,000 (a maximum of $6,000 per financial year). The funding is for services and therapies from a panel of registered service providers.

      Up to 35 per cent of this funding ($4,200, or $2,100 per financial year) can be used to buy resources recommended for your child by a registered service provider. This could include visual aids, communication boards, sound field systems or other equipment such as The Flashcards.

      how can we help you?

      Have questions?

      Call 1300 871 242


      Through The Flashcards Early Intervention program my son who was non-verbal and had a global developmental delay is now verbal and has age appropriate academic skills!

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