What’s a developmental delay?

The term “developmental delay” is an important one in early intervention. Broadly speaking, it means that a child is delayed in some area of development. There are five areas in which development may be affected:

  • Cognitive development
  • Physical development, including vision and hearing
  • Communication development
  • Social or emotional development
  • Adaptive development
What is a Global Developmental Delay?

Global Developmental Delay is used when a child does not progress as expected for his age in 2 or more areas of his development.  This is usually used for children less than 5 years of age, whereas the term learning disability is preferred for older children.

A child may have global developmental delay owing to conditions such as cerebral palsy, neuromuscular disorders and/or early environmental deprivation. Children with global developmental delay will not necessarily have intellectual impairment.

Early diagnosis and intervention does improve outcomes.  Global delay is estimated to be prevalent in 1–3% of children aged less than 5 years.

How can The Flashcards assist with developmental delay?

The Flashcards helps with language, communication and learning difficulties and have been identified to benefit children below in early intervention.

  • Children that have difficulty speaking
  • Children that do not understand or use appropriate forms of communication
  • Children that have difficulty in making or expressing choices Cognitive
  • Children that have learning difficulties
  • Children that have difficulty in understanding verbal directions
  • Children that are easily distracted by noise and visual stimuli
  • Children that have difficulties in understanding concepts
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Through The Flashcards Early Intervention program my son who was non-verbal and had a global developmental delay is now verbal and has age appropriate academic skills!

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