Speech therapy can help children who have trouble communicating by allowing them to practise their speech with exercises, or teaching them an alternative method of communication, such as sign language or pictures.

Studies show that ABA related image therapy used to assist children with autism helps them make progress toward verbal speech.

The Flashcards are being used to help speech in children
  • Autism in Children (ASD)
  • Articulation, Motor Speech & Apraxia
  • Delayed Speech & Language Development
  • Children with Developmental Delays
  • Late Talkers
  • Literacy
  • Language Learning Disabilities
The benefits of the Flashcards to assist with speech and communication?
  • Utilises the use of large clear pictures to reinforce what you are saying.
  • Easy to follow programs including speech
  • Teaching the parent to para-phrase back what the child has said.
  • Give an alternative communication method through the visuals
  • Can be used to label areas in the room with words and pictures.
  • Reduces the amount of instructions with the use of visuals, allowing the child to gain an understanding of what is been said
  • Ascertain what a child does or doesn’t know despite having poor communication or speech.
  • Breaks concepts down into smaller steps
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Through The Flashcards Early Intervention program my son who was non-verbal and had a global developmental delay is now verbal and has age appropriate academic skills!

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