Through The Flashcards Early Intervention program my son who was non-verbal and had a global developmental delay is now verbal and has age appropriate academic skills!

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The thoughts and details put into these flashcards is just remarkable.It is easy to use and I was able to find out where my son was academically.
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These flashcards are the best on the market to date. It is very user friendly, well organized and durable. I bought the set for my non-verbal autistic son’s ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) Therapy Program as well as a means of communication for him. It is very impressive and affordable. It is so easy to follow and efficient that even inexperienced parents like me can use it with my son. I highly recommend this product.

Parent Testimonial

The Flashcards have been an excellent resource to compliment my Accelerated Literacy program.It gives me excellent ideas on how to make my lessons more inclusive to all the unique needs of my students. They also allow me to cater to a variety of learning styles with my classroom with my verbal and non-verbal students by allowing me to use them for both receptive and expressive programs as listed on the back of the cards. I have incorporated the cards into our group reading activities; the cards give the students a visual cue for actions, colours, objects and work as an aide in developing reading comprehension skills. I have also used as story starters, teaching my students the difference between nouns and action words, matching and sorting and building on communication skills. The flashcards have been a great addition to my classroom and I would recommend them to any Special Education, Preschool, Early Stage 1 or Stage 1 teacher.

Autism Early Intervention
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