Human nature is, ‘if there is a problem you fix it’.

My son’s medical history was a nightmare. Born with the cord wrapped around his neck and by emergency caesarean. He was very small so got sick easily and spent his first year of life in and out of hospital with various chest and throat infections. My son had language very early, I remember this because his first word was ‘Dad’. At twenty one months he still wasn’t walking and had become non-verbal which I thought was due to being in hospital. I was told a child’s development can regress while in hospital. A pediatrician on a routine visit dropped the word Autism but not one hundred percent sure. My Son was diagnosed at a diagnostic centre at two and a half, the day after I had my third child.

Mother’s guilt can be an unwelcome guest at the best of times. Imagine though if you were told that your child’s Autism is created through bad parenting. Even today this view is still supported. It is said that mothers with children with Autism have no maternal love and defrosted enough to produce a child so called ‘The refrigerator Mother’. I have met a lot of Mum’s on my journey with children with Autism and not one fits into this category. In fact the opposite can be said, almost loving them too much if this possible. The world is falling apart around them, pushing their own needs aside they devote all their thoughts and attention to the child.

Doctor Google doesn’t relieve a parent believing that decisions they have made have caused the Autism.

-Not having enough iron when pregnant causes Autism.
-Vaccination has a role in the development of some types of autism.
-Glyphosate (Round-Up) = Autism (amongst many other conditions).
-Intolerance to food preservatives, gluten or casein causes Autism.

These lists go on and on. Sorry if you have come to this post to find the cause of Autism because this doesn’t have it…

But I have something else to offer.

Autism is what some are describing as an epidemic and being different is the new normal. Bill Gates, Einstein, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and Bob Dylan all have been listed to have Autism. I don’t think the loved ones would be pondering on what caused the Autism instead would have been amazed by the contributions these people have made to the world.

The person with Autism is like a puzzle they have all the pieces but just have different ways of putting it together. Once my Son started to learn visually I was able to shift from what caused the Autism to possibilities. My life has changed so much since that mind shift that I instead embrace my Son’s individuality and feel very privileged to have his unconditional love. And although a cloud can come over every now and again, for the majority of the journey the sun is now shining.